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Home Lighting
Keep your home bright and welcoming with our high efficiency LED lighting, now available in color shift variations. From LED cans and recessed lighting to LED controllers and amplifiers, LED flash lights and worklights, LED flat panel lighting, flexible LED strip lighting, LED floodlights, LED fluorescent tube style lights, globe LED replacement bulbs, industrial high bay LED lighting. We also offer in-ground garden and passage way lighting, outdoor LED flood light fixtures, long lasting LED power supplies, commercial LED security lighting, LED shelf lighting, LED track lighting, and under cabinet LED lighting. We arethe fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers of LED lighting in the New Orleans and Jefferson Parish areaand we will live up tonot only to your budget, but expectations also.
LED Globe Bulb Replacements
There is simply no comparison between LED bulbs and traditional incandescent options. You can significantly reduce the expense of traditional lighting easily by replacing you current bulbs with these highly efficient LED counterparts.
LED Under Cabinet Lighting
Low voltage fixtures commonly use incandescent bulbs which are extremely inefficient and put out excessive heat when compared to LED. Low voltage bulbs are found in track lighting, small decorative fixtures, landscape fixtures, and appliances.
LED Cans and Recessed Lighting
With a high lumen output and 10 times the amount of energy efficiency compared to the common household incandescent can, you can decrease your monthly energy consumption with a simple retrofitting process.
LED Flex Strip Lighting
ORACLE Flex LED Strip more LEDs per foot than the competition, using high quality Bridgelux LEDs that are made right here in the U.S.A. Exterior. LED Flexible Strip uses U.V. resistant weatherproof silicone rather than epoxy which will yellow and flake.
LED Flood Light Bulb Replacements
ORACLE LED Dim-able PAR Floodlights are simple to change and an easy way to brighten or highlight elements of architectural design. Illuminate commercial office space or outdoor landscape with these highly efficient PAR Bulbs.
LED Outdoor Flood Lighting Fixtures
Designed for use indoors and outdoors these highly efficient floodlights are an excellent replacement for security lighting, halogen floodlights, sodium floodlights, or for landscape lighting.
LED Landscape Lighting
The ORACLE lineup features a wide variety of landscape fixtures for common applications. LED Floodlights, Spot- Lights, Underwater Lights, and LED Replacement Bulbs for existing low-voltage fixtures. All of these are offered in Warm & Cool whites.
LED In-Ground Lighting
Designed for use indoors and outdoors these highly efficient LED up-lights are perfect for illuminating areas while keeping the major components of the light-source concealed and can be mounted in soil, concrete, tile, and just about any other surface.
LED Fluorescent Tube Light Replacements
Tired of the flickering, humming, and eye fatigue of fluorescent light bulbs? These bulbs are engineered to have excellent CRI and a positive R9 value for optimal visibility quality. Save energy and maintenance costs by switching over.
LED Shelf Lighting
LED Shelving from ORACLE Lighting provides a high end look to conventional storage space. Frosted glass, brushed aluminum surfacing, and structured stability are all high quality aspects of these shelving products.
LED Track Lighting
ORACLE Lighting offers a selection of elegant, modern, and efficient LED Track Lighting. These LED fixtures feature advantages like Instant "On" with no warm up time make them perfect for areas needing efficient light without the heat of halogen.
LED Controllers and Amplifiers
Our LED Controllers allow you to take your LED lighting to the next level with a variety of functions and features. We offer a wide range of different types of controllers to fit just about any project or application.
LED Power Supplies and Drivers
Premium LED Drivers and Power Supplies in many different amperages and wattages. From indoor to exterior water-proof drivers, each driver meets or exceeds federal regulations for power supply adapters and are RoHS compliant, FCC, CE Certified, and cULus.