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Warranty FAQ


Warranty Limitations: Obvious misuse, abuse, or otherwise destructive physical evidence. Damaged caused by intrusion of water or other liquid materials causing electronic failure or physical corrosion (D-100M is exempt from Liquid Damage Limitation). Battery failure due to excessive heating, overcharging, or shorting.

Warranty Covers:

•ORACLE 24X-9 Xenon Flashlight
•ORACLE 35X-14 Xenon Flashlight
•ORACLE-Z LED Flashlight
•ORACLE XR-E LED Flashlight
•ORACLE D-100M LED Flashlight
(here on referred to as "hardware")
One-Year Unconditional Warranty: AAC Enterprises warrants that for one year following any hardware's shipment to Customer (the "Hardware Warranty Period"), AAC will, subject to Customer's compliance with the return procedures set forth below repair, replace or refund the purchase price of the hardware found not to operate in accordance with the hardware specifications, so long as customer has properly operated the hardware and used it in conformance with such specifications. If during the first 30 days of the Hardware Warranty Period the hardware fails to operate, and provided Customer gives notice of such failure to its seller and returns the hardware during such 30 day period in compliance with the return procedures set forth below, AAC will replace the hardware with new hardware. Otherwise, hardware replaced under this warranty may be repaired or remanufactured. Hardware replaced or repaired pursuant to this warranty will be covered as set out in this paragraph for the remainder of the original Hardware Warranty Period, or for 30 days from shipment of such repaired or replacement hardware, whichever is longer.

To obtain warranty service, Customer must notify its product seller of the alleged defect, obtain a return material authorization ("RMA") from the seller and return the product in accordance with the instructions provided by the seller. Customer is fully responsible for delivering the product to its seller or AAC, and AAC is responsible for returning the product if it is found to be defective. Returned products which are found by AAC to be not defective, out-of-warranty or otherwise ineligible for warranty service will be shipped back to Customer at Customer's expense. All replaced products and parts, whether under warranty or not, become the property of AAC.